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Artifice Page 11

75 Comments on Artifice Page 11

Hoo, boy! What a week. An evil hacker from Kaliningrad tried to turn my little webcomic into a zombie spam site, so I had to take everything down for a few days while I made sure everything was nice and clean and safe. Learned a lot about security and got some great assistance from Brian over at Vaultpress (which I had just signed up for a couple weeks back; lucky).

Anyhow, if you’re still with me, please let me know in the comments. I’d hate to think this hacker and my three-day “This site is under maintenance!” screen scared any of my readers off. :/

And in terms of my thoughts on this page: one of the most fun moments of writing is thinking about how to kick off from one scene into another—and the way Winona drew Deacon here, with his dead-pan introduction to what happened, is just what I was looking for to lead into the next page…

So, yes! This means we are about to leave Maven’s office and get into the meat of the story! Next week we are off to Da Vinci Four! 😀

(Special thanks to Marcin W. for the generous donation this week! 🙂 )

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