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Artifice Page 15

83 Comments on Artifice Page 15

Hmmm… I wonder what other things Deacon had to worry about?

Thank you for all the comments, everyone! Winona and I really appreciate hearing your thoughts. (I’m like obsessively checking this site throughout the day to see if anyone’s added anything… You are my addiction. And I love you.)

Oh, I’ve posted some new icons at the bottom of the Links Page! Be sure to check those out. (I’m curious, though—is anyone actually using them? Should I keep adding more icons or are you all not into that sort of thing? Let me know in the comments!)

And WOO HOO! We’re already past the half-way mark with donations for that extra page of Artifice! Special thanks to Betsy O., Judith W., Nicola O., Jonathan D., Lauren S., and Cody B. for their generous donations this week. And an big hug to Aubryn G. for their $25 donation! You folks ROCK! 😀


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