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Artifice Page 35

156 Comments on Artifice Page 35

I love me some Maven in Panel 6. What was the first rule about therapy with her again?


I’m posting up an extra page this week because of your super-generous donations! Woo hoo! Special thanks to Meghan P. and long-time supporters Laura Beth W. and Judith W. (hugs!) for their generous donations over the past few days. A hug and a high-five to Micheal B. for continuing their streak of donating every week (up now to four weeks in a row! Wow!). And a deep, grateful, heartfelt bow to Jennifer B. whose $26 donation put us over the top to make this bonus page possible. I am very humbled and warmed by your support. Let’s please thank the donators in the comments—they are rock stars!

And… we have some new Fan Art! This time it’s Deacon and Jeff sharing an intimate glance in “Artifice: The Look” by Lance. Thank you so much, Lance!

So, that’s the news! Hope to see you all again this Saturday, when our regularly scheduled page goes up—page 36!

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