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Artifice Page 55

100 Comments on Artifice Page 55

Yeah, I’d look worried too, Jeff…

So, I was just saying to a friend on Thursday that it looked like our streak of bonus pages was going to be at an end. The donation bar was at $132 and it seemed unlikely that it was going to hit $250 by end of day Tuesday. Long-time supporter Michele M. got the ball rolling again with a generous donation on 11/30 (thank you, Michelle!), but there was still a long way to go.

And then bam! bam! Thursday night, two new, superstar friends of Artifice, Tommy R. and Virginia H. both donated $50 each, one right after the other! And then Friday evening new supporter Reginald H. donated $10 and finally Clidiane A. (donating for the 2nd week in a row!) added the last few dollars to put us over the top. So there will be a bonus page—Page 56!—this Wednesday, December 7th!

Wow, you guys—you’re awesome! Thank you so much! You rock! 😀

And now I need to get on the stick and get that bonus page—Page 56!—ready for Wednesday, December 7th! Which I’ll jump on…. on Monday! Because I’m at BENT-CON this weekend! Setting up my first table ever! So, if you’re in the neighborhood and want to come to a cool Con with lots of gay comics and stuff, please stop by and say hi!


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