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Artifice Page 81

250 Comments on Artifice Page 81

Deacon, you always know just the right thing to say, don’t you? You silver-tongued devil, you… 🙂

And wow, we went from $63 to hitting the donation target in less than a day! (So, that means Page 82 will be posted up this Wednesday, March 7th!) Y’all are awesome!

Special thanks and a warm welcome go out to new supporters CJ W., Elizabeth S. & Diana W. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to new friends of Artifice Mitchell R. & Alicia H. for their super-generous $25 donations! (High-five to Alicia for putting us over the top for the bonus page!)

And finally, very grateful, android-strength hugs go out to Artifice superfriends Jennifer M. (who with their $50 donation started the ball rolling on the next bonus page! And hey, pre-Happy Birthday wishes for Sunday!), Ethan R. (who with their $50 donation makes their 6th amazingly generous donation!) and to Bryanna G. (who with their $75 donation makes their 4th amazingly generous donation!)

Thank you all so, so much! Your support is a huge morale boost—and definitely has a huge impact on my ability to put out this comic (and prep the next one). You all rock!

And… gosh, there’s been some suspense on these last few pages, huh? I mean, I wrote this scene to be a little suspenseful, but putting this out as a webcomic, it brings it to a whole different level. (In the comments Abbi quipped “3 years to us is like 5 minutes in Deacons world”.) And now not only am I ending each page on a “cliffhanger” but I’m ending this one mid-sentence! GAH! WTF?????

Let me just say I feel your pain—the suspense is killing me too. And that we are in fact coming in for a landing.

Just not on this page… 😀

Hope to see y’all on Wednesday! (And very happy birthday wishes go out today to long-time commenter and friend of Artifice Yukiness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YUKINESS!)


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