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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 6

156 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy—Page 6

I find the art in that first panel kinda groovy… 🙂

We have two new pieces of Fan Art this time! Lizard plays with the “Pepper-Spray Cop” meme while Lance plays with the concept of “camping” (which, as we all know, is half the fun of following a webcomic). Please check them out!

There are only five days left to pre-order a printed copy of Artifice—after that, the next opportunity will be in 2013. So, if you’d like to have a printed copy, especially a signed printed copy of Artifice, then please make your pledge at my Kickstarter campaign very soon! 😀

Now that Artifice has finished, I’ll be moving The Young Protectors to Saturdays. And, by popular demand, I’ve created a new bonus page donation widget just for The Young Protectors!

For people who aren’t familiar with how that works, this is something that was suggested by a reader in the comments of Artifice on one of the early pages as a way to show my gratitude for reader donations. Here’s the deal: no matter what, whether I get any donations or not, The Young Protectors updates for free every Saturday. Those are the “regular updates”. But you’ll see below that there is a widget right above the comments with a nice, yellow Donate button and a green bar above it. Folks who’d like to support what I’m doing here can use that button to make a donation of any amount to this comic using their credit card through PayPal. And as a special thank you for reader donations, when that green bar hits $400, I will post an additional page of The Young Protectors the following Wednesday—a “bonus page”—which will mean there will be two pages of The Young Protectors posted that week!

With Artifice, I set that donation target at $250. But with The Young Protectors, I’m working with two artists and my per-page expenses have gone up, so I’ve had to raise the donation target to accommodate that. I hope y’all will understand—even if we hit the target every week, I still wouldn’t be breaking even with my costs to create these pages, so this isn’t about me looking to buy a villa in Tahiti—but it does make it so I can afford to put out the extra pages, even if it becomes a regular thing (such as it did with Artifice, much to my surprise!)

And, as I said above, no matter what, there will be a new page of The Young Protectors up every Saturday. The “bonus pages” are really meant just to be a fun way to say “thank you” to the donators. Because you’re awesome. 🙂

All right! Enough business! Kyle just tried to BBQ The Annihilator’s face and that doesn’t seem to have had the effect he intended. What do you think is next for our young hero? 😀

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