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The Young Protectors: Legendary: Chapter One —Title Page

Welcome to “Legendary” — an 18+, Young Protectors story with two chapters (over 75 pages!) created with special guest artists exclusively for our $5+ Patrons!

Legendary is a bonus arc of The Young Protectors. It takes place a few months after the end of “Engaging the Enemy” and just moments before “Spooky Jones: Past Sins.” It focuses on the Kyle/Spooky relationship and on Spooky Jones’ character in particular. In its pages, you’ll find romance, drama, and sexy times.

Legendary is the only comic I’ve ever created with full nudity and explicit sex, and the only comic I’ve made just for those 18 years of age and over. For this reason, you’ll notice that all the following pages for these two chapters are locked for non-Patrons.

If you’d like to read these chapters (and are over 18), it’s easy!

Go to the next page and click the Unlock It Now box. If you’re already a $5+ Patron, you’ll be able to unlock the pages by logging into Patreon. If you aren’t a Patron yet, you’ll be able to become one. It’s that simple. 🙂

You don’t need to read this comic or join me on Patreon to enjoy the rest of The Young Protectors story.

This is just meant to be a special treat for your fellow readers who make this comic possible through their support.

You can read a a summary of this bonus comic and then jump right into the second and third arcs of The Young Protectors. All of which you can read for free!

Want to know more? Have questions? Read all about this new arc under the box below!

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What’s “Legendary” about?

“Legendary” is a shorter arc of The Young Protectors comprising just two, Patreon-exclusive chapters. Eventually, this 18+ bonus arc will be published as a single, super-sized (8.5″ x 11″) trade paperback (like I did with Artifice).

The first chapter features linework by guest artist Julie Wright (“Truth or Dare“) who stepped in while “Engaging the Enemy” penciler Adam DeKraker took a break.

Guest artist Tana Ford then took over linework duties for Chapter 2.

And Veronica Gandini, our regular production colorist, continued her awesome coloring work throughout both chapters!

I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but this arc focuses on the Kyle/Spooky relationship and on Spooky Jones’ character in particular. There is romance and character development.

Oh, and it’s the sexiest comic I’ve ever made.

Sexy?! What do you mean “Legendary” is the “sexiest comic you’ve ever made”?

As you know, I don’t show uncovered weenies in our pages here. I do that for a variety of reasons, but mostly it comes down to wanting our comics to be as accessible to as many people as possible. By not showing explicit visuals here, folks of all ages (as well as our international readers) can enjoy the comic without legal trouble for them… or for me.

But one of the biggest requests I consistently receive is to show uncensored sex scenes. I’d been thinking about it for some time, and was curious to give it a try, to see if it’s something that would be fun for y’all. And, as it turns out, due to its focus on romance, the “Legendary” arc was the perfect story to experiment with this.

Other webcomics, like Teahouse, have saved their sex scenes for their printed books—and I considered following their lead—but I’ve realized that our Patreon campaign actually gives me the opportunity to share the art for these scenes with y’all immediately, since Patreon takes care of the age-restrictions. (And this comic wouldn’t even be possible if it weren’t for the support of our Patrons! So I’m always on the lookout for new ways to show my gratitude.)

So that’s what I’ve done with the first two chapters here, which will hopefully feel like an especially fun reward. 🙂

Exactly how sexy are these scenes?

The uncensored pages show everything. Full nudity, including the D. Tasteful, but explicit sex, with nothing hidden behind potted plants and the like.

The whole enchilada.

So, is “Legendary”… porn?

This is still me (Alex Woolfson), writing the story.

Yes, there are especially sexy scenes that you will hopefully find especially appealing.

But there are also important plot developments for our characters and the overall The Young Protectors story. While this new comic has a strong focus on romance and intimacy, it’s still a regular Young Protectors arc. There will be character growth, the “feels,” a little magic, and even some superhero action. It is meant to appeal to y’all on every level, not just the physical.

All my comics have sexy scenes, and the story in “Legendary” is just as important as it was for Artifice and the “Engaging the Enemy” arc. I’ll just be showing more. 🙂

Who are the artists for “Legendary”?

A couple years ago, Adam DeKraker (penciler for The Young Protectors) approached me and asked if he could take some time off after the “Engaging the Enemy” arc finished before starting up again. Of course, I said “yes,” but I know how important this community is for y’all, so I tried to think up a short comic that I could hire a guest artist for during Adam’s absence.

That’s where the idea for “Legendary” started. But before I knew it, my “short comic” script had blossomed into a full blown, three chapter arc!

So here’s how things worked out:

For both chapters of “Legendary,” Veronica Gandini, The Young Protectors‘ main colorist, continued to provide her amazing colors

For Chapter One, The Young Protectors guest artist Julie Wright (“Truth or Dare“, “Interlude 2“) created the linework. Julie has a lot of experience creating NSFW comics, and I think you’re really going to like what she adds to this arc.

For Chapter Two, we had a new guest artist: Tana Ford! Here is her biography:

Tana Ford is an award winning artist who is probably best known for her run on Marvel’s Silk. She has done work for IDW, Marvel, Vertigo and WIRED magazine, including titles like Star Trek, Jem and the Holograms, Spider-Man, Venom and Black Panther. Tana’s creator-owned lesbian comic book series “Duck!” won a Queer Press Grant in 2010 while the sequel “Duck! Second Chances” was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award (the same year I was a finalist with Artifice, actually!)

So you’ll get to enjoy the Legendary story with different art styles! 🙂

At what level of Patreon support, will I get to see the uncensored pages?

Those pages are available to Patrons who pledge $5 or more, like the rest of the NSFW content on my Patreon page.

What if I can’t afford $5/month to be a Patron?

The full “Legendary” comic will eventually be collected in a special, super-sized (8.5″ x 11″) trade paperback. That book will be $20 to $25, and will include all the uncensored, sexy content. So you’ll still get a chance to see it there. 🙂

What if it makes me angry that there is some content I have to pay to see? Shouldn’t everything you make be free?

Of course, I understand that not everyone can afford to support our work on Patreon, even though they very much might want to. Some of y’all are students, some of y’all are underemployed/unemployed, some of y’all are living on fixed incomes. In terms of my own life, my mother is in Assisted Living, she needs my financial support, she’s not going to get better, and there are a number of things, even some small things, that I’d like to be able to afford, that I simply can’t right now. Maybe someday, but for the time being, those things are simply not an option for me. And, since this is due to circumstances beyond my control, that can sometimes feel… frustrating.

So, trust me. I get it.

But, as you know, I pay my artists a full rate for their awesome work on this comic (totally worth it), and the Patreon support is how I’m able to do that, and also pay for my own rent, etc. This is how a comic with this level of quality is able to get made (and actually finish, instead of just disappearing). It’s also how I make my living. So, I’m going to do whatever I can to make our Patreon as appealing as possible for the folks who can afford to support us that way.

There are lots of reasons why I offer so much content for free—including that it gives me great pleasure to do so. But I’ve always offered “premium content” as well— whether that was a physical book that I sold at Cons or special rewards on Patreon—and it’s actually the premium content that makes these free pages possible.

I don’t expect every reader to be able to join my Patreon. So, if you can’t right now, please know that your readership is still very important to me, and you’ll still be able to follow this story with the tame versions of the pages on this site.

And if you can offer support, then know that you are making a huge difference in my life, in continuing The Young Protectors, and in my ability to create more awesome stories featuring LGBT heroes.

You say this is an experiment, what are you hoping for?

Well, my hope is that this will encourage more folks to give our Patreon a try! 🙂

No matter how you look at it, our Patreon is a great success, and I am so grateful to you all. This is how I’ve been able to keep the comic going. But the truth is, we had a significant dip in support over the winter. We’ve built quite a bit of that back over the last few months, but we’re still down a little under $1000/month from where we were last summer and, in order for me to truly break even again, I need to find a way to return us to that level of support. Ultimately, the success of our Patreon (and the continued life of this comic) is on me. And offering extra sexy pages on Patreon is part of my plan to make being a Patron even more rewarding.

And, of course, if we went significantly beyond breaking even with the Patreon, if lots of folks liked the idea of seeing the full-on sexy, naked times with our characters, then that would open the doors to me hiring additional artists to create additional comics, etc. As well as, you know, living a more full life. Which would be awesome.

If this is successful, then I’ll do this again with a future comic. (And, if I’m able to afford to create additional comics, that could happen quite soon!) If it’s not, then lesson learned.

But it’s been something a bunch of you have asked for. It’s something I thought might be a lot of fun. (I’ve actually wanted to try writing a story like this for a while!) This shorter arc seemed the perfect opportunity to explore something new. And thanks to Patreon, I now have a way to deliver it.

So, as with everything I do here, it’s an experiment! We’ll see how it turns out!

Either way, though, I hope it’s something y’all will really enjoy! Because you rock. And I want to create stories you’re going to love.

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