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The Young Protectors—Spooky Jones: Past Sins—Page 1

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Long time, no see.

So! After a week off for site maintenance, we’re back! Chapter 3 begins, and with this chapter, “Engaging the Enemy” artist Adam DeKraker returns to his The Young Protectors linework duties (welcome back, Adam!).

It’s so great to finally be sharing this part of the story with you, where we get to learn a lot more about Spooky’s past and even more about the hero he’s now become. This has been what all of Legendary has been building up to, and it’s what got me excited to write this story to begin with.

And, to start, it looks like Spooky recognizes this demon. And they seem to have some history!

Who is this creature? Why does he kiss Spooky? What has Spooky done? And what will the full repercussions of the magic he cast be?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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