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The Young Protectors—Spooky Jones: Past Sins—Page 58

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Now that we’re all caught up…

After our usual beginning of the month dip (while folks’ credit cards get sorted out), our Patreon is currently at $6,147/month, down just $40 from where we were at the end of the month, which is not too bad actually. I really appreciate current Patrons efforts to stay on top of things to make sure this comic continues.

Without your support, this comic wouldn’t be here, and if we’re able to hit break-even point of $7000/month soon, you’ll be able to ensure that I’m able to continue on to the next arc. (Which I’d love to tell!)  And so much of that depends on the continual support of our our amazing Patrons who are currently supporting. So, it’s my great pleasure to send out a very special Patreon anniversary thank you to those who have been my Patrons for 12 months or more as of this week (Dec 2 – Dec 8)!

Patrons for 12 months as of this week (Dec 2 – Dec 8):

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(Y’all rock!)

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(Thank you so much, Aaron, Steven and Tracy!)

Patron for 36 months as of this week (Dec 2 – Dec 8):

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(Woo hoo! That’s continuous support since the very first year that my Patreon campaign started! Thank you so much, Bethany!)

Thank you all so, so much for your amazing, ongoing support! It’s the consistent support that makes Patreon so helpful to creators, and is so essential to my ability to continue making this comic! You all are superheroes!

So! Spooky not only knows what Velliok’s plan was here, it looks like he also has this King of Hell by the short hairs. What is our magical maverick going to do next? What would you do next?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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