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The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 54

38 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 54

Um, why is the bone thing making noises in Panel 2?

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So! Cory let it all out on the last page, and now everything is flying backwards, and smashing, and making noises and stuff. That really can’t be good, right? And why isthat bone thing making noises?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    Oh snap!

    And where is that last kid?

  2. Just what exactly is that thing? An altar of some sort? Now I wonder how the ratio is between good and bad that it broke? Good if it stops whatever ritual they were doing. Bad if it triggers another huge problem ^^’
    With our usual bad luck, the minion blood that happened to get on it now counts as an offering…
    Paul, where are you when we need you?

  3. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    Bone thing fa’ down.

    I hope it doesn’t go boom.

  4. The preview pages are great! They really come alive with color.

  5. Yep, Paul or “Fluke” is the one with the “(bad) luck” power. Sadly now and then there’ll be a really bad luck occurrence inbetween the lucky ones, but I’d just hope that it wouldn’t be like RIGHT NOW if he was there x’D

  6. I am reading a history of the Borgia Family of Italy and there is a maybe true, maybe apocryphal story that says that carved into the tomb of one of the Borgias who had been a Cardinal of the Church “…One Whom All Did Fear” that sat in the Sanctuary before the main altar of a church. Now the bishop of this Church took such great offense that this person was not of the caliber to be interred in such a place of honor, ordered the tomb broken into pieces with hammers, the body exhumed, and (As the story goes) ordered the street at the foot of the steps to the church dug open, the body dumped into the unconsecrated hole, and the street repaved saying that this person deserved being “trampled on by man and beasts forever.”
    There’s something to be said for public shaming and debasement.
    Whatever that unholy, evil ribcage looking thing with the crown is or was - - it should have been buried better and safer and not in hallowed ground in an abandoned and lonely cemetery.

    And one more thought about Blood Magic - - Blood once spilt, once shed, once unleashed from the body - splatters and smears creating a larger than expected stain. It lingers long and it remembers that it is magic. It seeks a release for the magic it holds.

  7. Ha!

    The rib cage is the artifact that Spooky and Flyboy were tracking down with the shard they got from Kanya.

    It certainly looks that way.

    On his way. But he won’t be showing up anytime soon.

    No promises.

    I’m really glad you’re enjoying them, William. I was hoping they’d be a special treat for members of the Woolfpack. Your support is what makes this whole comic possible.

    Yes. I imagine the whole team hopes that Paul gets his charges before, not after the missions. :slight_smile:

    I actually just saw a video about that story. My fiancé and I are planning to honeymoon in Italy, so we’ve been watching all the travel shows on YouTube.

    That’s some poetry there, Dave. I dig it.

  8. oh no blood got on the alter anyway!!! and then it broke? cracked? i have a sinking feeling that means the blood’s gonna cause something, uhhh, glitchy (no better word oops) to happen, instead of nothing happening bc it broke… and my perspective’s all messed up now so i have no idea if any kids or heroes are in the line of fire DDD:

  9. Um, why is the bone thing making noises

    I ask myself that question more and more often as I progress through middle age.

  10. The current Preview Page should show where everyone is. :slight_smile:


  11. Well, that’s very disturbing. I know I warned Cory not to touch that bone artifact or let anyone else touch it, but somehow I forgot to say don’t fling it about and don’t let anyone bleed all over it! I swear, when I jump to conclusions, I fall into a loophole.

    So. That bone artifact sure looks like ribs. One rib is missing. Dare we suppose those are Adam’s Ribs? Oh, not necessarily the Biblical Adam’s actual ribs, but probably someone’s ribs that have been blessed and inscribed and so on so they magically represent Adam’s ribs. They could very well symbolize them.

    They don’t really seem quite the right shape to be human ribs, but what do I know? The true origin of those bones might not even matter as long as the ribs make the magicians think of the appropriate symbols the right way.

    Ehn. Maybe the ribs are from some ancient animal sacrifice, and there’s plenty of those in the Bible as well. This may be going back to Solomon again or someone else. Still not enough information to really make a good guess.

    I do think that that splashing of blood on the artifact is going to have an effect. Maybe the ribs will enflesh themselves so someone can make a rather gruesome entrance. Maybe a ghostly shadow will briefly appear near the ribs. Maybe the ribs will animate and start talking. Maybe the ribs will unexpectedly shatter. Maybe the ribs will be drawn into a crazy’s chest, merging them together.

    Like, it would help if we knew what the original ritual was supposed to accomplish, both from the crazies’ viewpoint and the Platinum Priestess’s. I doubt what Sircea wanted had much to do with what they wanted.

  12. Oops. I posted this on the wrong page. This should be for Page 54.

  13. Insane magic users are full of surprises.

    I really enjoy your speculation.

    Not to worry. With this software, moving posts around is easy. So, I’ve fixed it. :slight_smile:

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