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Currently there are three webcomics you can read on this site.

Artifice is a sci-fi webcomic created by writer Alex Woolfson (me) and artist Winona Nelson that has now finished, so you can read the complete story from beginning to end. (And if you like what you read, you can get a premium-quality, jumbo-sized softcover copy from my store or on Amazon!)

The Young Protectors: “Engaging the Enemy” is a multi-chapter superhero webcomic created by writer Alex Woolfson, penciler Adam DeKraker and colorist Veronica Gandini. It finished in August, 2017. You can read all the pages here on the site for free. This story is being released in three volumes of premium-quality trade paperbacks. You can get a signed copy of Volume One right now from my store or an unsigned copy on Amazon. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter for Volume Two in the Fall of 2017.

The Young Protectors: “Legendary” is a 3-chapter superhero/romance webcomic created by writer Alex Woolfson, linework artists Julie Wright (for Chapter One), Tana Ford (Chapter Two) and Adam DeKraker (Chapters Three), and colorist Veronica Gandini. It updates every Wednesday and Saturday. This is the second arc of The Young Protectors. It explores the relationship between two fan-favorite characters from “Engaging the Enemy” and has a strong focus on romance and intimacy. (Translation: there are lots of sexy good times in this arc.) Uncensored pages are posted on our Patreon.

Like my other “Yaoi 911” comics, these webcomics look to combine thought-provoking action-adventure with romance between guys and are intended for both women and men to enjoy.

(For more, including whether my comics are “just for gay people”, please read the FAQ.)


At the bottom of each comic, there is a navigation menu giving you the choice to go to the First, Previous, Next and Last pages. You can also click on the comic page itself to go directly to the next page. And you can use the following keyboard commands:

  • Left Arrow: Previous Page
  • Right Arrow: Next Page
  • Shift + Left Arrow: First Page
  • Shift + Right Arrow: Last Page
  • Shift + Down Arrow: Random Page

The Creators

I (Alex Woolfson) provide the scripts & art direction for all the comics. For Artifice, fantasy illustrator Winona Nelson created all the art from pencils through colors. For The Young Protectors, Marvel/DC penciler Adam DeKraker creates the linework and 2011 Harvey Award Nominee Veronica Gandini creates the colors.

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Releasing Artifice as a webcomic was actually an experiment. Up until I launched this site, I’d been making my comics available as free PDF downloads for subscribers of my email list: “Yaoi 911 News & Downloads”. My first short comic, a full-color magic school fantasy called “A Shot in the Dark” as well as the first and second chapters of a continuing coming-of-age graphic novel Tough are available for subscribers to download now.

So, how do you get them? Easy. Just fill in your name and email address over at the Free Comics page on my (NSFW) blog and you’ll be sent the download links to the PDF of “A Shot in the Dark” and the first two chapters of Tough right away. And when future chapters of Tough or other comics are finished, I’ll send you links to those as well.

If you’re worried about being spammed (which I certainly am whenever I sign up for a new mailing list), don’t be — I’ll never share your email address with anyone else and I’ll only send out an email when I have a new comic to send you or something really fun to share. I send out a couple yaoi wallpapers of my characters in the first few weeks just as a way to say hello, but after that expect no more than an email a month from me, probably less (like, maybe, “just a few times a year” less…)

Finally, when Artifice or another comic is ready to buy as a printed book, special offers will be made to those who have signed up for this list. So, there are good reasons all around to sign up to get PDFs of my other comics now.

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Comment Policy

I love getting comments and hearing from readers. I really, really love it, actually. But this isn’t the place for hate speech or derogatory personal comments. Personal attacks, snide remarks, etc. — especially towards other commenters and people off-site — do not belong here and will be moderated, edited and most likely deleted, crushed and melted at my sole discretion. We have a very special, thoughtful, respectful community here that I will go to great lengths to protect.

You can read the specifics of my Comment Moderation Policy here.

If you feel someone is not following the spirit of this policy, please don’t start a flame war — email me or click the little flag icon on the comment and I’ll take care of it.

Email Alex

And now that I think of it, I should probably put my email contact link under its own header. Like this. Need to reach me directly? You can email me here.

Thank you very much for taking a look at my webcomics. I very much hope you enjoy them!